United States of America:
  • State of Maine Medicaid Claims Management
Middle East:
  • Wadi El Nil Hospital, Egypt
  • Sheikh Zayed Hospital, Egypt
  • Al Salama Hospital, Egypt
  • Kasr Al-Aini Critical Care Department (Sherif Mokhtar), Egypt
    (Critical Care Department Testimonials)
  • New Kasr El-Aini Teaching Hospitals, Intensive Care Units, Egypt
  • Shatby Pediatrics University Hospital, Alexandria University Hospitals, Egypt
  • Fersan Clinics, Egypt
  • Military Production Medical Center, Egypt
  • King Abdullah Medical City, Mekka, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Mohamed Al-Dosary Hospital, Al-Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Prince Salman Hospital, Saudi Arabia
  • Yamama Hospital, Saudi Arabia, (Under Implementation)
  • Hadi Clinic Hospital, Kuwait
  • Kuwait National Petroleum Company Medical Centers (KNPC), Kuwait
  • Zein ENT Hospital, Kuwait
  • Salem Al-Ali ENT Center, Kuwait
  • Air Force & Air Defense Medical Center, U.A.E.
Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health, Automation of 30 hospitals
  • Dammam Central Hospital - Eastern District
  • Al Qateef Central Hospital - Eastern District
  • Al Khafgy Hospital - Eastern District
  • King Fahd Central Hospital - Geezan
  • Abu Areesh General Hospital - Geezan
  • Sameta General Hospital - Geezan
  • Zulfa Hospital - Riyadh
  • King Khaled Hospital (Kharg) - Riyadh
  • King Fahd Hospital (Jeddah) - Jeddah
  • Al Qunfuza General Hospital - Jeddah
  • King Abdul Aziz Hospital - Holy Capital (Mecca)
  • King Faisal Hospital - Holy Capital (Mecca)
  • Pediatrics & Obstetrics Hospital - Madina
  • King Fahd Hospital - Madina
  • Pediatrics & Obstetrics Hospital - Najran
  • King Khaled Hospital - Najran
  • Garshy General Hospital - Al Baha
  • King Fahd Hospital - Al Baha
  • Khamees Masheet Hospital - Aseer
  • Mahayel General Hospital - Aseer
  • King Saoud Hospital - Al Qussaim
  • Al Ras General Hospital - Al Qussaim
  • Sowayr Hospital - Al Goof
  • Easaweyya Hospital - Al Goof
  • King Khaled Hospital - Hafr Al Baten
  • King Fahd Hospital (Hafouf) - Al Ahsaa
  • Hawraa Hospital (Amlaj) - Tabook
  • Psychiatry Hospital - Ha' el
  • King Abdul Aziz Bin Mosaed Hospital - Northern Borders
  • King Abdullah Beesha Hospital Beesha

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