Nursing represents the crucial link between the treating physician and the patient.

NurseInsights Introduces a challenging yet effective way to increase the performance of the nurse job by decreasing the workload and providing an improved healthcare quality in less time, while maintaining an interactive link between the nursing team and other care providers.

NurseInsights covers the day-to-day functions performed at the nursing station to complete the patient care cycle through the management not only of patient/nurse clinical related tasks and functions, but also administrative tasks relevant to staff scheduling, stock management, laundry management, CSSD management and all the way to charge management.

NurseInsights alerts users to situations that need attention in an interactive nonintrusive manner through popup alerts as well as unattended graphical white boards.


- Outpatient and Inpatient
- Patient Charting
- Configurable Patient Assessment
- Flow sheets (Vitals, Progress,Fluid, etc.)
- Medications Management (eMAR)
- Diet Management
- Structured Progress Notes
- Patient Acuity Management
- Doctor's instructions
- Laboratory and Radiology Communication
- Blood Transfusion Management
- Preoperative Nursing Assessment
- Positive Patient Identification
- Nursing Procedures
- Patient Safety Enforcement
- Nursing References
- Nursing Procedures
- Patient Safety Enforcement
- Nursing References
- Patient Census
- Task Management
- Nursing Roster and Staff Scheduling
- Consumables Management
- Stock Management
- Bed/Room Management
- Appointments Management
- Rule Based Clinical and Administrative Alerts
- Bed White Board
- Laundry Management
- CSSD Management

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