SupplyInsights is an integral part of HealthInsights applications. It supports the complete cycle of the supply chain of a medical facility from requisition to dispensing. Support is provided for multi store operations for any type of material including medications and consumables.

SupplyInsights controls the movement of stock items and non-stock items from and to different stores, departments or patients with support for a wide variety of transactions.

SupplyInsights insures that supply is always relevant to demand using comprehensive re-ordering mechanisms which rely on prior consumption rates to assess warning levels and recommend re-orders.


- Full Supply Chain Life Cycle
- Requisition-To-Purchasing-To-Dispensing
- Inventory Management for all items For All Departments.
- Multi Stores Types.
- Composite Item Support.
- Material Transformation Support
- Batch and Expiry Support.
- Multi Store Transaction Types.
- User Defined Stock Warning Levels.
- Consumption Based Automatic Re-Order.
- Consumption Rates Reporting and Comparison.
- Full Integration With Clinical Applications
- Automated Stock Reduction Upon Clinical Function Recording
- Requisitions Decision Consolidation.
- Suppliers Management.
- Service Suppliers Support.
- Request for Proposal Issuance.
- Proposals Comparisons and Recommendations.
- Purchase Orders Issuance.
- Receivables.
- Payment Management
- Flexible Consumable Charging Based on Purchase Cost.
- Full Integration With Financial Tools.

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