CardioInsights is an integrated, full solution the workflow of a Cardiac Center, whether inside a hospital or not. Starting from simple ECG recordings and monitoring, up to specialized Electrophysiological and Angiographic studies.

CardioInsights’ Echocardiography tools help physicians focus on clinical findings rather than wasting time writing reports and repeating templates. With a few clicks and choices and the report is generated in minutes.

We take pride of our Angiography tools that satisfy the needs of the most demanding branch of cardiology. With its graphical point-and-click approach of defining lesions and the extremely flexible and customizable diagramming, these tools will cover the most demanding needs to describe the lesions both in text and graphically while producing impressive flexible reports.

CardioInsights not only records procedures details for reporting but it also records individual patient/procedure elements for detailed clinical research.


- Coronary Angiography and Interventional Cardiology With Graphical User Interface
- Streamlining Angiography Description
- Pediatric Catheterization
- Adult Echocardiography With Smart Auto Generated Reports
- Covers All Aspects of Echocardiography Studies
- Stress Echocardiography
- Trans-esophageal Echocardiography
- Strong Focus on Accuracy of Medical
- Intuitive Patient Diagnosis Management.
- Clinical Decision Support
- Orders/Results Management (Laboratory, Radiology, Vitals, Procedures, Medication…etc).
- Electrophysiology Tools Covering All EPS Study Types
- Nuclear Laboratory
- Tilt Table Testing
- Patient Admission-Discharge Cycle Tailored to Cardiac Centers
- Tight Integration With Health Insights EMR

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