CareInsights is the cornerstone of HealthInsights systems. It is the center point where all patients related information lives. It is the physician’s companion through patient care lifetime. It caters for all the doctor activities through an intuitive continuous time line based view of the patient.

CareInsights represents a breakthrough in the way patient information is presented to doctors. Visual information is represented graphically outlining any abnormalities in a fast and easy to interpret manner thus saving precious time to be directed to patient care. Clinical documentation is automated in multiple different ways for each user to pick the most suitable for them. SOAP based intelligent documentation is available with support from clinical databases. Intelligent ordering is based on configurable rule based multidisciplinary order sets and more.

CareInsights was designed with both patient safety and physician protection in mind as well as streamlining intelligent ordering and informative results review to minimize time waste while ensuring better informed patient care decisions.


- Time Line Based Medical Record
- Continuity of Care
- Intuitive Graphical Event Display
- Automated Case Summary
- Rule Based Evidence Based Order Sets
- Rule Based Care Plans and Clinical Pathways
- Specialty and Procedure Centric
- Clinical Decision Support
- Intelligent Clinical Documentation
- Patient Safety Conscious
- Patient Education Support
- International Standards
- Automated Charge Calculation
- Configurable Specialty/Procedure Applications
- Web Integrated - Preventive Care and Health Maintenance
- Clinician Friendly
- Quality of Care Conscious
- Data Access on an As-Needed Basis
- Physician Protection
- Alerts and Notifications
- Health Level 7 Support

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