Accurate management of patients' information represents a critical corner stone in order to establish a successful and comprehensive Healthcare Process weather for outpatients or inpatients.

CaseInsights insures that complete and accurate patients data is available instantly wherever and whenever they are needed through maintaining a centralized patient registration database. Patients are registered with a rule generated unique lifetime Patient Identification Number. The Registration Management is bilingual; both in English and Localized user interfaces.

CaseInsights manages clinician's calendars, outpatient appointments, repetitive appointments, bulk appointment changes, patient SMS reminders, bed availability, inpatient admissions, discharges and transfers.

CaseInsights services are utilized across HealthInsights family of applications both clinical/medical and administrative/financial. It is fully integrated with charge management for correct service charge calculation.


- Master Patient Index
- Rule Based Patient Identifiers
- Customizable Patient Fields
- Multiple Unique Patient Identifiers
- Configurable Search Criteria
- Restricted, Role-based Access to Patient data
- Bilingual Support
- Biometric Patient Identification (Finger Print/Finger Vein/Palm Vein)
- Rule Based Patient Data Input Validation
- Full Integration With Health Insights Applications
- Appointment Management
- Repetitive Preference Based Appointments
- Future Registration and Waiting Lists
- Bulk Appointments Reschedule
- SMS Visits Reminders
- Admission/Discharge/Transfer
- Temporary Discharge
- Graphical Bed Board
- Bed Management
- Charge Calculation and Capture
- Utilization and Statistics

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