Pharmacy services are an integral part of any medical facility's operation with 50-60% of patient care costs being spent on medications.

The efficient and intelligent management of the medication life cycle becomes crucial in both patient safety and cost control. PharmInsights provides complete management of all pharmacies and drug inventories in a healthcare facility and insures accurate handling of all their transactions.

In addition, patient safety measures are always observed through medication related processes with support for both generic and brand ordering. Medication clinical decision support for cross check of adverse reaction is always seamlessly performed in a transparent manner with correlation to patient age, sex, status, allergies, chronic conditions, diet in addition to recent laboratory test results. PharmInsights supports not only regular medications but also intravenous infusions, chemotherapy protocols and total parenteral nutrition through its detailed order/dispense modules.


- Drugs Classified by Pharmacological Groups and Therapeutic Actions
- Drug Monographs
- Medication Alternatives
- Reserved Drugs - Regular Medications, Intravenous Infusions, Chemotherapy Protocols and TPN
- Unit Dose Dispensing
- Bilingual Prescription Labels
- Duplicate Therapy Cross Check
- Drug Adverse Reactions Cross Check
- Full eMAR Support
- Fully Integrated WithHealth Insights Systems
- Patient Medication History
- Rule Based Alerts and Notifications
- Dose Calculation and Checking
- Several Stock/Dispensing Units
- Consumption Rates
- Outpatient and Inpatient Support
- Patient Clinical History
- Multiple Drug Search Criteria
- Health Level 7 Support - Charge Calculation/Capture
- Stock Management

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