MedicaPlus introduces the professional tool for proper handling of the different types of radio diagnostic investigative services

RadInsights includes components for order handling which can be run from any location within the hospital. It supports handling of all types of imaging studies with support for images from disk files, scanners, video sources and DICOM sources all through an easy to use graphical user interface where users can navigate through multiple levels of information with comfort.

RadInsights provides better management for Radiology services through comprehensive scheduling of exams/procedures and a flexible workflow that covers all aspects of work.

RadInsights fully integrates with all other Health Insights applications and systems for proper patient, order, charge and stock management.


- Comprehensive Standards Based Exam Definition
- Bilingual Exam Preparation
- Settable Age/Sex/Time Limitation
- Multi Session Single Procedure Support (Nuclear Medicine)
- LOINC, SNOMED and ICD Support
- CPT Mapping
- Intuitive Graphical Order Entry
- Patient Demographics
- Clinical History
- Comprehensive Exam Scheduling
- Work lists Allocation
- Exam Specific Reporting
- Dictation/Transcription Support
- Structured Report Generation
- Shorthand Boiler Plates Support
- Report Verification
- Workflow Processing
- Work Load Reporting
- Film Jacket Tracking
- Statistical Reports
- Stock Management
- Consumables Recording
- Charge Calculation and Capture
- Full Integration With health Insights Applications
- Health Level 7 Support For PACS Integration

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