Delivering desired patient outcomes while effectively managing resources is a challenge for any hospital. With more than 70% of a hospitalís patients having a surgical intervention, the ability to meet this challenge impacts the entire hospital.

TheatreInsights handles all the aspects of surgical procedures workflow within the hospital. Surgical procedures are handled during all their stages through a seamless flow with full integration with all other related hospital departments; such as nursing, charging, laboratories, etc.

TheatreInsights optimize the utilization of resources and time, provides better monitoring on all operating room activities and, increases patient safety and Improves material requirements planning and handling.

TheatreInsights ensures proper surgery and resources management as well as proper procedure documentation during all operative stages; preoperative, anesthesia, intra-operative, recovery and postoperative.


- Operating Rooms Management
- Surgery Booking
- Resource Allocation
- Configurable Preoperative Records
- Configurable Anesthesia and Configurable Recovery Records
- Configurable Intra Operative Records
- Configurable Post Operative Records
- Procedure Coding
- Event Time Stamps
- Operative Images and Videos
- EMR Integration
- Consumables Record Charge Calculation/Capture
- Fully Integrated with Health Insights Systems
- Utilization Reports
- Health Level 7 Support
- Stock Management

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