Human to human transplantation has become the best and often the only treatment for a wide range of diseases. As a HealthInsights tool, TransInsights is a configurable, user-friendly tool managing the data of the donors and the recipients of Liver, Pancreas and kidney organs.

By evaluating donors and recipients pre-transplant status, the system facilitates quality post-transplant patient care provision while reducing human errors, cost, time and effort.

TransInsights is fully integrated with HealthInsights electronic medical record, thus eliminating redundancy and any duplication of data. Having patient in focus; you will always find it easier to track and manage your patients before, during and after their procedure.


- Patient Tracking and Management
- Patient Contacts Management
- Donor/Recipient Pairing
- Waiting List Management
- Multiple Patient Search Facilities.
- Medical, Surgical and Transplantation history.
- Patients Health Issues Tracking.
- Pre and Post Transplantation Clinical and Medical Details.
- Access Patient Related Internal and External Consultations.
- Structured and Free Text Progress Noting.
- Intuitive Patient Diagnosis Management.
- Clinical Decision Support
- Orders/Results Management (Laboratory, Radiology, Vitals, Procedures, Medication…etc).
- Biopsy Requisitions and Reports.
- Post-Transplant Status.
- Tracking Patient Status and Graft Function.
- Fully Integrated With Health Insights Applications
- Health Level 7 Support

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