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Founded in the year 2012 to target the Healthcare IT market, proudly introduces its flagship Healthcare Information System MEDiCA CloudCare©, is one of the leading Hospital & Clinical Information Management System applications, with end-to-end world-class functionality designed and developed using the latest technologies, best practices and international standards. It is a unique healthcare management system that is designed by physicians for physicians and healthcare professionals and all the supporting facilities that cater for healthcare services.

Satisfied customers across the globe through our innovative fresh approach to applications, implementation and support Expanding towards Asia Pac, Europe and the USA Health Insights provides the largest experienced implementation staff around the world in addition to the development resources plus integration and interoperability resources and quality control personnel. The abundance of experienced human resources that already are very much aware and familiar with the social and regional aspects affecting such implementations, helps to achieve the project objectives within a short duration. On the other hand, this fact helps avoid risks and mitigates most of them during such an aggressive implementation plan.

Healthcare information systems are no longer a luxury but a necessity for every pioneering facility in the field of healthcare. The advantages of applying Healthcare Information Systems in medical facilities are numerous starting from management of patients’ files and accounts to the management of all clinical and administrative functions that are undergone during the process of medical service, thus ensuring the highest standard of quality in patient care within cost effective processes.

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